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I've been drawing ever since I was little, and a self-taught artist. My specialties include digital illustration, mixed media, and traditional painting- all of which can be found by visiting my gallery. In addition I also host streams for people to watch as I digitally paint some works, so stop on by and say hi if you have the time.

That's all from me, and if there is anything you want to ask, feel free to do so- I don't bite.

Visit me on these other sites:

Tumblr: (Inactive at the moment)

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Until I have something for another journal, I thought I might as well do this for one of my characters. It's a quiz of sorts for your characters, so why not right? Might as well try something new. IF you want to do it, you may. 

Question Time




Picture by SassyMelvin 
(1) How old are you mentally?

"I'm very smart, so I would saayyyyy..... 1000 years old? Yes, a 1000, we are that smart. *grin* I know a lot of things. I even know a lot of things about you~. "

(2)Let's ignore for a moment you have no gender, what gender do you identify as? 

"To be honest I have no idea how or what my gender was long ago... or if I even had one. It wasn't until recently, did I discover them. SO I would say yes to all." 

(3)If you were stuck in a cave with only little water, a pile of bones from past trapped victims, a fork, and a rag, what would you do? 

"I'd eat the bones. With a little bit of water, they taste great. Then my clothes and then my toes. Toes are tasty. I'm sure the legion will always give me more, they did replace my fingers after I nibbled on them some more. "

(4)Can you do the TACO TONGUE?! (it just means taking your tongue and curling it into the shape of a taco shell)

"I can do more than the taco tongue, I can touch the back of my head with my tongue, can you? "

(5)Okay, I'm going to ask a regular one now. Do you have many friends?

"Friends? I have one friend, and I like her a lot. She seems to be interested in our sort of thing. The other people though... don't appreciate the Dark Ones that much. Nor do they believe them..."

(6)Do you like that steak I made you? 

"Steak is good. Meat is good. "

(7) If you said no, or I'm vegan, or something else, then I'll ask this. Do you love animals? 

"Animals are nice. They are food. Sometimes, you can sew them together into clothing. My underwear was a squirrel.... though she was a Mobian like me. Mobians are animals, so they count right? "

(8)If you answered yes, then I'm sorry but...
Tsk you just confessed to liking human meat. How you feel about that? 

"I've eaten human meat before. They were at the hospital. I think I was eating on the corpse of one when the Legion found me. There's nothing like baby meat though... it's pure. *grins* "

(9)Okay, unfortunately you're in jail now. :T 
(For whatever reason) 
You're in your cell and your roommate seems to like you! you like them back? Like really??

"If my roommate likes me that's great. If they don't... tsk, tsk, I'm going to have to do something about that. Bad things happen in prison you know~. "

(10)Your roommate is stealing your clothes!! You ask them in a huff why, and it turns out to be a serious issue and they are hurting inside. 
Do you treat them with compassion or do you tell them off for freaking you out? 

"If they stole my clothes then that won't do. Nope, nope, nope! *shakes head* .... I'm gonna have to make them pay. Of course they'll be willing afterwards in lending me their clothes when this whole ordeal is done. 
"But if they're hurting inside I'll make sure they go quick... there's no sense in letting them suffer in this world. And besides, if they're in prison with me, they're a sinner, so they should die. We like them, oh yes we do! Compassion is for the weak! "

(11)Woohoo!! You're free now. 
With your returned freedom, what's the first thing you want to do to celebrate? 

"Treat myself out to a private dinner in my room. Would you care to join me? Just as you are will do. I plan on having steak again." *drools* 

(12)*sigh* Last one. 
Do you love yourself? 

"Love? Love?! You ask me about love?! Where I came from once, we were loved! BUT NO!- that all changed long ago... NOW, now I have to sit here in this corpse, and wait until it rots away from time you hear me!? "
"Then again, the Dark Legion do lots of wonders with technology, and I'm sure I won't have to give up this body for a looooong time." *grins* 

IF you'd like to learn more about Necra-Phillia, please visit the link below for her (uncompleted) bio: 
======== Necra-Philia and Devil-La by DoubleDandE=======
All of this was done for fun, and represents Necra-Philia. I might draw these two again after doing this. XD


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